Schematics to Smart Dashboard

Make our Schematic Dashboard an integral part of your daily routine!  This central hub streamlines the tracking and management of all your Oil and Gas operations from a single platform.

  • Production Volumes: Monitor real-time and historical production data.
  • Facility Balances: Get a comprehensive view of your facility's storage and throughput.
  • Well Details: Dive deep into specific well data.
  • Fuel, Flare, Vent (FFV): Track and manage emissions effectively.
  • Calibrations/Analysis: Stay updated with equipment calibrations and a fluid analysis

See a complete picture of your operations with SchematicPro! Transform your existing schematics into an operational dashboard and visualize custom trends for wells, meters, tanks, and more!

Design Your Dashboard, Your Way

In the Oil and Gas industry, every dataset has its unique challenges and requirements. SchematicPro gives you the flexibility to customize your Schematic Dashboard, aligning it closely with your specific operational needs.

  • Custom Menus: Craft menus that mirror your priorities, whether it's wells, meters, tanks, or other operational items.
  • Drag-and-Drop Interface: Rearrange dashboard elements effortlessly, prioritizing what matters most to you.
  • Custom Reports: SchematicPro can import and display any custom report you may need!


SchematicPro Context Menu

Live Data Integration

Seamlessly integrate with your live or historian data sources. See the bigger picture without switching platforms!

  • Real-time Insights: Directly sync SchematicPro with your live data sources for real-time data analysis.
  • Efficiency: Eliminate the need for platform switching. View live trends within your existing schematics.
  • Customization: Personalize your live trends, focusing on what matters most to you and your operations.


SchematicPro Trend

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