Modules Configured For YOUR Measurement Schematics

Modules Overview

Flowchart - Modules
  • Easily add custom modules or use existing pre-built modules
  • Link module data directly with your Measurement Schematics
  • Jump between the module data grid and canvas view
  • Bulk import/export module data with minimal clicks
  • Add/edit custom input forms for your modules

Display and Maintain Your Operational Data

SchematicPro is built to handle your operational data.  We have built-in modules to help you manage your operations.  These modules include:


Fuel, Flare, Vent

Liquid Analysis

Fluid Analysis


Well Details



We can also work with your company to create custom modules to help you manage your operations.  SchematicPro puts your data to good use by merging it with your schematics!


Import Excel/Csv's

Bulk import your spreadsheets easily with a few clicks!  You can view, edit and update this data easily within SchematicPro.

Connect External Data Sources

Connect to your Field Data Capture System (FDC) or other external data.  SchematicPro can decode and utilize this data, so that you can display it on your schematics.


Export and Share your Data

Export your schematics to PDF or print. You can also save your data to excel/csv.

Find out how SchematicPro's Modules can take your schematics to the next level...

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