April 2023 Roundup: Top 10 Junior Oil and Gas Producers in Western Canada

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Top 10 Junior Oil and Gas Producers - April 2023

In Canada’s oil and gas industry, while everyone is typically aware of the large, prominent companies, the smaller, ‘junior’ companies often fly under the radar. Hence, we are shifting the spotlight to highlight the top-performing Canadian junior oil and gas companies for April 2023.

Long Run Exploration Ltd. Tops the List:

Topping our list this month is Long Run Exploration Ltd., with a remarkable average of 9,913 barrels of oil equivalent per day (BOE/day). Their operations notably consist of 2,540 barrels of oil per day, alongside 7,366 barrels of oil equivalent per day of gas production.

Karve Energy Inc. Delivers in Second Place

Close behind in second place is Karve Energy Inc. Despite operating fewer wells than Long Run Exploration, Karve Energy managed an impressive average of 9,681 BOE/day, with roughly 66% being oil and the other 34% being gas.

Petrus Resources Corp. Earns Third with Fewer Wells

Petrus Resources Corp., our third top performer, deserves a special mention. Despite operating significantly fewer wells, they’ve achieved an impressive daily average of 9,275 BOE/day. It’s worth noting their daily gas production, as it contributed heavily to their total BOE.

Rounding Out The Top 10

The other seven companies on our list – Conifer Energy Inc., InPlay Oil Corp., Artis Exploration Ltd., Certus Oil and Gas Inc., Ish Energy Ltd., Enercapita Energy Ltd., and North 40 Resources Ltd. – also showed consistent performance, indicating their steady development within the junior oil and gas sector.

The table below provides a detailed summary and includes links to the Canadian Petroleum Registry. This free resource allows you to explore all the public data associated with each company!

#CompanyProducing Wells CountOil (bbl/day)Gas (boe/day)Cond (bbl/day)Company Boe/dayDetails
1LONG RUN EXPLORATION LTD.17762,5407,36679,913Company Details
2KARVE ENERGY INC.10036,3483,33309,681Company Details
3PETRUS RESOURCES CORP.1853478,911179,275Company Details
4CONIFER ENERGY INC.5026,3421,94308,284Company Details
5INPLAY OIL CORP.3273,8494,29468,150Company Details
6ARTIS EXPLORATION LTD.996,7271,32408,052Company Details
7CERTUS OIL AND GAS INC.4611,7996,0701097,979Company Details
8ISH ENERGY LTD.264,3332,74337,079AB Details
SK Details
BC Details
9ENERCAPITA ENERGY LTD.3204,1612,42786,596AB Details
BC Details
10NORTH 40 RESOURCES LTD.724,0622,38106,444Company Details

*Junior Oil and Gas Producers = less than 10,000 boe/day and Western Canada = AB, BC, SK

**Information is provided using a variety of public data sources and does not include confidential types (wells, facilities). Every attempt is made to ensure accuracy of this data, but we cannot 100% verify all data points. Use at your own risk.

***Please note that all boe conversions presented in this analysis are calculated using a standard conversion ratio of six thousand cubic feet (Mcf) of natural gas to one barrel (Bbl) of oil. For liquid measurements, a conversion factor of 1 m3 = 6.2898 bbl is applied.