Top 10 Saskatchewan Oil Companies – 2022

Top 10 SK Oil Producers 2022 by Blincsoftware
Top 10 SK Oil Producers 2022 by Blincsoftware

Today we have partnered with to bring you an exclusive Top 10 list! With information provided by Saskatchewan Energy and Resources with have compiled a list of the Top 10 Oil Producers in Saskatchewan for 2022. See the list below:

*Note: SERAFINA ENERGY was acquired by STRATHCONA RESOURCES LTD. in August 2022 (

#CompanyTotal Oil (m3/year)Total Oil (bbl/year)Details
1CENOVUS ENERGY INC. 6,379,56740,121,095Facility Details
2WHITECAP RESOURCES INC. 3,750,21923,585,129Facility Details
3CRESCENT POINT ENERGY CORP. 3,518,86322,130,127Facility Details
4TEINE ENERGY LTD. 1,797,52111,304,607Facility Details
5STRATHCONA RESOURCES LTD. 1,688,71310,620,318Facility Details
6SERAFINA ENERGY LTD. 1,321,8458,313,080Facility Details
7BAYTEX ENERGY LTD. 1,183,2397,441,388Facility Details
8CANADIAN NATURAL RESOURCES896,6075,638,760Facility Details
9IPC CANADA LTD. 787,5034,952,605Facility Details
10VERMILION ENERGY INC. 683,4194,298,023Facility Details

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  • In 2022, Saskatchewan produced a total of 26,335,169 m3 (165,621,875 bbl) oil. That works out to 74,566 m3 oil/day (379,192 bbl oil/day) !
  • The Top 10 companies made up approximately 84% of Saskatchewan’s Total oil production, as illustrated below.
Saskatchewan Oil Production Breakdown
Saskatchewan Oil Production Breakdown
CompaniesTotal Oil (m3/year)Total Oil (bbl/year)
Remaining Companies Oil Production4,327,674.2027,216,743
Top 10 Companies Oil Production22,007,494.40138,405,132


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