Top 100 Conventional Oil Facilities in Alberta 2023: February’s Leading Producers

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Disclaimer: The information and data provided in this analysis are sourced from publicly accessible resources and do not include privately-held facilities or undisclosed data. As a result, the figures and trends discussed within this analysis may not encompass the complete landscape of the Canadian energy industry. Please note that the term “conventional” in this context refers to all facility subtypes excluding SAGD (Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage) and bitumen facilities.

Please note that all boe conversions presented in this analysis are calculated using a standard conversion ratio of six thousand cubic feet (Mcf) of natural gas to one barrel (Bbl) of oil. For liquid measurements, a conversion factor of 1 m3 = 6.2898 bbl is applied. Furthermore, monthly conversions utilize a factor of 30.5 days for consistency.

Examining Alberta’s Top Conventional Oil Facilities: TORXEN ENERGY LTD. Emerges as the Front-runner

The Canadian oil industry has experienced consistent growth, with February 2023 proving to be no exception. In Alberta, the province’s top-producing conventional facilities showcased remarkable output, with TORXEN ENERGY LTD.’s Alderson West 6-2-16-15 facility leading the way in oil production, achieving an impressive 10,067 boe/day. Other prominent players in the industry include HAMMERHEAD RESOURCES INC., whose CIOC Karr 01-16-065-03W600 facility produced 9,331 boe/day, and ASPENLEAF ENERGY LIMITED, with their MEC 10-22-50-26 Crude Oil Battery generating 6,993 boe/day. These leading facilities significantly contribute to Alberta’s and Canada’s energy landscape and propel the industry forward.

Water and Gas Production: Two Integral Components of the Energy Sector with Diverse Applications

The Canadian energy sector is not only defined by oil production; water and gas production also play critical roles in the industry. Water is an essential resource in various stages of oil and gas extraction processes, including drilling, hydraulic fracturing, and enhanced oil recovery. Additionally, it serves as a vital component in the maintenance of pressure and temperature control in the production process.

CONIFER ENERGY INC.’s Redwater 8-29-57-21W4 facility serves as a prime example of water production, with an extraordinary output of 514,814 boe/day. This high volume of water produced demonstrates the facility’s capacity to support the energy sector’s diverse needs and applications.

As for gas production, natural gas is a versatile and increasingly popular energy source, used for electricity generation, heating, and as a raw material in various industrial processes. HAMMERHEAD RESOURCES INC.’s CIOC Karr 01-16-065-03W600 facility takes the lead within the top 10 in this area, outputting 10,834 boe/day. The significant gas production at this facility highlights the growing demand for natural gas and its importance within the Canadian energy industry. View the gas flow below or use our interactive visual explorer at: The Canadian Petroleum Registry.

Karr 01-16-065-03W600 facility flow

Illuminating the Data: A Chart for Alberta’s Top 10 Facilities

The bar chart featured, offers you a clear and engaging visual representation of Alberta’s top 10 facilities by oil production. By comparing these facilities through these visuals, you can easily identify the frontrunners in each category, gaining a more profound understanding of the energy sector’s landscape in the process. These visualizations illustrate the top-performing facilities to show their impact on the Canadian energy industry, while making it more accessible and digestible for readers.

Graph of the top 10 facilities by oil production in Alberta for February 2023

The Top 100: Alberta’s Top Producing Facilities

Here we present a table highlighting the top 100 conventional oil facilities in Alberta for February 2023, displaying their significant contribution to the province’s energy production. These facilities, ranked by their oil production volumes, showcase the industry leaders for February 2023.

To enhance your understanding of these facilities, we have included a “Details” column that links directly to the Canadian Petroleum Registry. This resource offers FREE comprehensive information on each facility, allowing you to gain valuable insights into their operations and performance.

#OperatorFacility NameFacility LSDOil (boe/day)Water (boe/day)Gas (boe/day)Details
1TORXEN ENERGY LTD.ALDERSON WEST 6-2-16-1506-02-016-15W410,06743,7602,968Facility Details
2HAMMERHEAD RESOURCES INC.CIOC Karr 01-16-065-03W60001-16-065-03W69,3312,93910,834Facility Details
3ASPENLEAF ENERGY LIMITEDMEC 10-22-50-26 CRUDE OIL BATTERY10-22-050-26W46,99330,7632,022Facility Details
4IPC CANADA LTD.AEC DIEPPE 1-27-19-8W401-27-019-08W46,014338,218556Facility Details
5ARTIS EXPLORATION LTD.ARTIS TWINING 16-24-31-25W4 MWB16-24-031-25W45,7382111,127Facility Details
6CANADIAN NATURAL RESOURCES LIMITEDKARR 01-34-065-03W601-34-065-03W65,4813061,747Facility Details
7TOURMALINE OIL CORP.Spirit River 6-3 Oil Battery06-03-078-07W65,11312,9477,584Facility Details
8SPUR PETROLEUM LTD.NIPISI 15-31-76-06 W515-31-076-06W54,440281660Facility Details
9SPARTAN DELTA CORP.Inception 03-26-69-05w6 prorated bty03-26-069-05W64,1316,4334,277Facility Details
10ARC RESOURCES LTD.ANTE CREEK 10-0710-07-067-24W53,9694,7937,704Facility Details
11HAMMERHEAD RESOURCES INC.CIOC 9-3-68-4W609-03-068-04W63,88018,57811,065Facility Details
12WHITECAP RESOURCES INC.WAPATI 13-5-67-8W613-05-067-08W63,8323382,484Facility Details
13VESTA ENERGY LTD.Sylvan Lake 6-20 MWB PRORATED20-037-01W53,799191,469Facility Details
14STRATHCONA RESOURCES LTD.PENGROWTH Bodo 9-14 CR-O MUL-W PRO B09-14-037-01W43,75020,46038Facility Details
15SPUR PETROLEUM LTD.NIPISI 09-34-76-07 W509-34-076-07W53,582978465Facility Details
16CANADIAN NATURAL RESOURCES LIMITEDWEMBLEY 14-3-73-8w614-03-073-08W63,4914,1545,226Facility Details
17OBSIDIAN ENERGY LTD.AMOCO WILLESDEN GREEN 13-2713-27-042-08W53,4619753,344Facility Details
18CANADIAN NATURAL RESOURCES LIMITEDWembley 01-20-072-08W601-20-072-08W63,3956746,285Facility Details
19LONGSHORE RESOURCES LTD.LONGSHORE VALHALLA BTTY 16-2916-29-076-10W62,9923,5633,340Facility Details
20ASPENLEAF ENERGY LIMITEDNEP CANADA ULC 13-08 Oil Battery13-08-049-25W42,86217,6141,617Facility Details
21OBSIDIAN ENERGY LTD.AMOCO PCU #9 CENTRAL BTY #101-33-047-09W52,6997841,652Facility Details
22SPARTAN DELTA CORP.SPARTAN GOLD CRK 02-34-068-03W6 PAD02-34-068-03W62,6013,6032,730Facility Details
23WHITECAP RESOURCES INC.WHITECAP VALHALLA 3-2703-27-075-09W62,5951,4281,021Facility Details
24ASPENLEAF ENERGY LIMITEDLONE PINE CK 03-1303-13-031-27W42,5786,210890Facility Details
25TAMARACK VALLEY ENERGY LTD.NIPISI 02/15-22-076-07W515-22-076-07W52,5731,209172Facility Details
26VESTA ENERGY LTD.6-17-40-27W4 MULTIWELL PRORATED06-17-040-27W42,555299401Facility Details
27RICOCHET OIL CORP.MOBIL PEMBINA VG 32 AREA 106-32-048-07W52,46644,451663Facility Details
28TOURMALINE OIL CORP.Spirit River 6-9-77-7W6 Oil Battery06-09-077-07W62,3479,2882,517Facility Details
29CONIFER ENERGY INC.Redwater 8-29-57-21W408-29-057-21W42,306514,814215Facility Details
30SPARTAN DELTA CORP.Velvet Gold Creek 10-01 Well Pad10-01-069-03W62,2691,9012,232Facility Details
31HEMISPHERE ENERGY CORPORATIONAtlee-Buffalo 05-20-021-05W405-20-021-05W42,1543,01737Facility Details
32CONIFER ENERGY INC.CFR JC 11-6-64-10W5 BTY06-064-10W52,150198,157754Facility Details
33TAMARACK VALLEY ENERGY LTD.PIPESTONE 01-12-073-09W6 MWB01-12-073-09W62,1413751,161Facility Details
34ENERCAPITA ENERGY LTD.WORSLEY 08-21-087-09W608-21-087-09W62,10614,7251,365Facility Details
35KELT EXPLORATION LTD.KELT SPIRIT RIVER 14-06 MWOB14-06-078-07W62,1001291,551Facility Details
36CARDINAL ENERGY LTD.SHELL SWAN HILLS BTY 4-904-09-070-10W51,9817,110254Facility Details
37TAMARACK VALLEY ENERGY LTD.SURGE PROVOST 13-11-37-3W4 MWB13-11-037-03W41,9465,197330Facility Details
38ADVANTAGE ENERGY LTD.WEMBLEY 03-01-073-08W6 OIL BATTERY03-01-073-08W61,9442,4943,325Facility Details
39ARC RESOURCES LTD.ANTE CREEK 102/10-36-065-25W5M10-36-065-25W51,9322,6893,512Facility Details
40RIDGEBACK RESOURCES INC.SCEPTRE PEMBINA 8-3508-35-048-11W51,816811,065Facility Details
41TAMARACK VALLEY ENERGY LTD.Provost/Veteran 15-20-34-8W4 BTY15-20-034-08W41,81612,950250Facility Details
42TEINE ENERGY LTD.CHAUVIN 13-01-043-02 W413-01-043-02W41,79539,05654Facility Details
43WHITECAP RESOURCES INC.ESSO PEMBINA 15-615-06-050-11W51,668648653Facility Details
44WHITECAP RESOURCES INC.Lochend 00/03-20-027-03W5 MWB03-20-027-03W51,652201,707Facility Details
45CENOVUS ENERGY INC.HUSKY RAINBOW B FIELDGATE 10-1010-10-109-08W61,63823,40313,027Facility Details
46TAMARACK VALLEY ENERGY LTD.ANEGADA 14-28-73-7W6 MWBT14-28-073-07W61,6243611,539Facility Details
47BONTERRA ENERGY CORP.BONTERRA 14-28-046-07W5 BATTERY14-28-046-07W51,6122,3581,231Facility Details
48WESTBRICK ENERGY LTD.Westbrick 4-6-47-12 W504-06-047-12W51,6094562,949Facility Details
49IPC CANADA LTD.FERGUSON 3-25 MULTI WELL OIL BATTERY03-25-003-17W41,6054053,769Facility Details
50BLACKSPUR OIL CORP.BSO Bantry MWB 2-29-19-13W4M02-29-019-13W41,5957,933652Facility Details
51TAQA NORTH LTD.TAQA North Proration 16-18-77-10W616-18-077-10W61,5513382,306Facility Details
52RICOCHET OIL CORP.IMPERIAL PEMBINA 15-1515-15-049-06W51,46423,053273Facility Details
53CARDINAL ENERGY LTD.Cardinal Alderson 16-25-17-1116-25-017-11W41,4522,300225Facility Details
54KELT EXPLORATION LTD.KELT WEMBLEY 01-14 MWEB14-072-08W61,4111,2952,294Facility Details
55VESTA ENERGY LTD.JOFFRE DUV 10-36 OIL PRORATED MWB10-36-039-28W41,410179594Facility Details
56TAMARACK VALLEY ENERGY LTD.ANEGADA 11-14-072-08W6 MWB11-14-072-08W61,385290553Facility Details
57GRIZZLY RESOURCES LTD.GRL Progress Doe Creek 08-35-78-08W608-35-078-08W61,36536445Facility Details
58SPUR PETROLEUM LTD.CABIN CREEK/NIPISI 08-06-76-05 W508-06-076-05W51,3644087Facility Details
59TEINE ENERGY LTD.CHAUVIN 12-19-042-02 W412-19-042-02W41,34827,64731Facility Details
60TAMARACK VALLEY ENERGY LTD.NIPISI 13-23-076-08W513-23-076-08W51,313207106Facility Details
61KELT EXPLORATION LTD.KELT PROGRESS 06-19 MWOB06-19-077-09W61,3051,5901,060Facility Details
62PARAMOUNT RESOURCES LTD.PARA KAYBOB 12-10-064-19W512-10-064-19W51,2859,5191,455Facility Details
63CANADIAN NATURAL RESOURCES LIMITEDWEMBLEY 11-36-72-8w611-36-072-08W61,2792751,825Facility Details
64ARCHER EXPLORATION CORP.ARCHER 09-25-074-08W6 MWOB09-25-074-08W61,2703011,196Facility Details
65CANADIAN NATURAL RESOURCES LIMITEDPOUCE COUPE 16-10-79-12W616-10-079-12W61,2534536,419Facility Details
66BOULDER ENERGY LTD.BOULDER 06-27-047-14W5 MWB06-27-047-14W51,2494361,382Facility Details
67SPARTAN DELTA CORP.Velvet Gold Creek 05-07-069-02W6 Pad05-07-069-02W61,2385,0282,258Facility Details
68COR4 OIL CORP.IMAGINEA ALDERSON 01-24-17-12W401-24-017-12W41,22521,106242Facility Details
69TAMARACK VALLEY ENERGY LTD.DS NIPISI 100/14-18-076-06W5 MWPB14-18-076-06W51,20962168Facility Details
70SURGE ENERGY INC.KOCH WILDMERE GE BATTERY #105-24-047-05W41,20758,55983Facility Details
71CANADIAN NATURAL RESOURCES LIMITEDGOLD CREEK 13-26-067-05W6 OIL BT13-26-067-05W61,1941,0832,560Facility Details
72WHITECAP RESOURCES INC.IMPERIAL PEMBINA BTY #1 3-2803-28-049-11W51,184201441Facility Details
73SURGE ENERGY INC.PROVOST 09-22-039-02W4M09-22-039-02W41,1653,596207Facility Details
74KARVE ENERGY INC.ENERPLUS RES PROVOST BATTERY NO 109-15-035-09W41,1421,247235Facility Details
75CRESCENT POINT ENERGY CORP.Coral Hill Swan Hills 12-36 MWB12-36-064-10W51,1391,580252Facility Details
76SURGE ENERGY INC.SURGE BETTY LAKE 03-04-045-07W4 MWOB03-04-045-07W41,1364,856616Facility Details
77HWN ENERGY LTD.TANGLE CREEK 01-20-060-17 MWPB01-20-060-17W51,13282371Facility Details
78TAMARACK VALLEY ENERGY LTD.DS NIPISI 100/02-19-076-06W5 MWPB02-19-076-06W51,127160197Facility Details
79BIRCHCLIFF ENERGY LTD.GDO 07-29-078-11W6 MWOB ABBT 012900307-29-078-11W61,1052629,388Facility Details
80RIDGEBACK RESOURCES INC.PBN 15-10-049-12W5 MWOB15-10-049-12W51,10489830Facility Details
81EAGLE ENERGY INC.CAPITOL DIXONVILLE 2-2502-25-086-26W51,09317,81331Facility Details
82JOURNEY ENERGY INC.BEAU MED HAT E PAD 4-204-02-013-05W41,09045,36548Facility Details
83CANAMAX ENERGY LTD.GRIMSHAW 03-29-083-23W503-29-083-23W51,0592,431197Facility Details
84WHITECAP RESOURCES INC.Midway Garrington 8-15-34-4W508-15-034-04W51,055781,376Facility Details
85CARDINAL ENERGY LTD.PCI VIK-KIN UNIT 1 4-2404-24-048-09W41,05368,98248Facility Details
86SURGE ENERGY INC.ALTANA PROVOST 12B-3012-30-036-04W41,03112,825223Facility Details
87WHITECAP RESOURCES INC.OCELOT STURLS 13-7 BATTERY13-07-069-24W51,0243,1081,353Facility Details
88RIDGEBACK RESOURCES INC.RBR KAYB 15-30-063-18W5 MWOB15-30-063-18W51,0243,601857Facility Details
89RAMPART OIL INC.EMC Parkland NE 7-25-14-2607-25-014-26W41,0182,91166Facility Details
90OBSIDIAN ENERGY LTD.AMMIN WILLGR BATTERY #906-21-042-07W51,006262423Facility Details
91CANADIAN NATURAL RESOURCES LIMITEDSWAN HILLS 2-23-67-10w502-23-067-10W597259,327240Facility Details
92TAMARACK VALLEY ENERGY LTD.HIGHWOOD NIPISI 09-2309-23-076-07W5968180208Facility Details
93SPARTAN DELTA CORP.Velvet Karr 00/06-10-064-02W6 MWB06-10-064-02W6954909458Facility Details
94CARDINAL ENERGY LTD.PCP WAINWRIGHT WEST 1-30-47-901-30-047-09W495440,17831Facility Details
95LONGSHORE RESOURCES LTD.Gordondale 12-05-080-09W612-05-080-09W69337691,064Facility Details
96SURGE ENERGY INC.MBOG SAWN LK 12-29-91-12W512-29-091-12W59271,32333Facility Details
97VERMILION ENERGY INC.VERMILION CYN PEM 15-16-51-11W515-16-051-11W592166766Facility Details
98TORXEN ENERGY LTD.LATHOM WEST 01-02-020-18W4 MWB02-020-18W4918321532Facility Details
99TAMARACK VALLEY ENERGY LTD.DS NIPISI 100/09-19-076-06W5 MWPB09-19-076-06W591740173Facility Details
100SPARTAN DELTA CORP.SPARTAN 15-21-064-02W6 MWB15-21-064-02W69130523Facility Details