Can your measurement schematics be a single source of truth?

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What is a single source of truth (SSOT)?  In a broader sense, a single source of truth (SSOT) or a single point of truth (SPOT) is the strategy of collecting and aggregating multiple data sources into a single location.  This provides a single source to reference, knowing that you are looking at the most complete data set.  Search engines such as Google or Bing are a great example of this.  These companies aggregate all the websites and their content, so when a user initiates a search, they can obtain a relevant result. 

Why is this an issue?

Likewise, many companies struggle with Application Overload, which leads to them having multiple data sources.  Combine these digital data sources with more tradition paper or hard copy data sources and you can start to see why it is important to have a single source of truth.  Regarding data the saying goes… “Garbage in = Garbage out” and vice-versa.  The quality of the data that you are collecting should be of utmost importance.  Unfortunately, with so many different applications and data sources, data quality can deteriorate, and you can end up with inconsistent data points.

What are the benefits?

  • Readily available and up to date data points.
  • Less time consuming, as you do not have to manually pull multiple data sources.
  • Increased transparency as all your data is available in a single location.
  • Less duplicate data.
  • Easier collaboration.  Everyone is using the same data, which will result in less discrepancies.

What are the disadvantages?

  • Data privacy/security. As all your data is in a single location, sensitive data becomes easier to access.
  • Company buy-in.  It may be hard to convince all users to change their workflow.

How can your measurement schematics be a single source of truth?

SchematicPro allows you to create smart measurement schematics!  Smart measurement schematics link drawings and data, giving the user a more dynamic experience.  Instead of just looking at the schematic, you can interact with it!

SchematicPro is flexible enough to handle custom data entry, as well as manage your external data sources.  Users can create custom modules based on your company’s data requirements.  Are you maintaining a checklist or inspection log as an excel file? Or a file in an email thread or on a shared drive? Instead, import it into SchematicPro!

Existing Data Sources

Link/Associate existing data to your measurement schematics in the form of metadata and display it on your canvas or view in the grid.  You have eliminated an unnecessary extra data source and improved your own productivity by having quicker access to the data you need!

External Data Sources

External data sources can be easily integrated into any module.  Again, this data can be linked back to your existing measurement schematics, bringing them to life.  SchematicPro can handle multiple external connections, allowing it to be a single source of truth.

As well, you can export data in the form of xlsx, csv, and pdf, if you need it for a report or to present.

Custom Modules

By creating custom modules with your data sources, you can add, edit, and view data associated with these modules.  This eliminates the need for multiple spreadsheets or other clunky, very specific applications.  SchematicPro allows you to keep your data in one place, which in turn makes for a better user experience as all the data is at your fingertips.

Yes! Your measurement schematics be a single source of truth!

As you can see, SchematicPro can merge your measurement schematics and data to give you the best possible user experience.  We bring your schematics to life by allowing you to link a variety of data sources quickly and easily to your drawings.  In turn, your measurement schematics become a single source of truth and you get to experience all the benefits that were previously mentioned. If any of these scenarios described are slowing down your company, we would love to help!  Feel free to reach out today and we can discuss some possible solutions.

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