Top 10 Saskatchewan Oil Companies – 2023

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Top 10 Saskatchewan Oil Producers - 2023

This year we once again partnered with to bring you an exclusive Top 10 list! With information provided by Saskatchewan Energy and Resources we have compiled a list of the Top (20) Oil Producers in Saskatchewan for 2023.

Lets go through some highlights as there have been a few changes since last years Top 10, which you can see here…


  • Cenovus Energy is the top oil producer in Saskatchewan again… producing roughly 41,397,920 bbl of oil for the year (6,582,592 m3).
  • New to the top 10 this year is Saturn Oil and Gas , coming in at the 9th spot just ahead of Vermilion Energy. Saturn recently acquired roughly 13,000 boe/day from Crescent Point, so expect them to continue climbing the list.
  • Total Oil Production in Saskatchewan for 2023 was 165,673,023 bbl (26,343,301 m3) as reported by the Ministry of Energy and Resources. This equates to:
    • 72,173 m3 oil/day or
    • 453,899 bbl oil/day
  • The top 10 producers accounted for 84% of the total oil production in Saskatchewan, producing a combined total of 139,302,598 bbl (22,150,198 m3) of oil, for the year.

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Click the “Company Details” buttons to explore each company using the Canadian Petroleum Registry! As well, all of this data and more can be found on .

#CompanyTotal Oil (m3/year)Total Oil (bbl/year)Details
1CENOVUS ENERGY INC.6,582,59241,397,920Company Details
2WHITECAP RESOURCES INC.3,624,51222,794,555Company Details
3CRESCENT POINT ENERGY CORP.3,207,29520,170,675Company Details
4STRATHCONA RESOURCES LTD.2,818,06817,722,830Company Details
5TEINE ENERGY LTD.1,789,05111,251,343Company Details
6BAYTEX ENERGY LTD.1,181,5417,430,713Company Details
7CANADIAN NATURAL RESOURCES LIMITED894,7385,627,006Company Details
8IPC CANADA LTD.811,4465,103,182Company Details
9SATURN OIL & GAS INC.783,1204,925,039Company Details
10VERMILION ENERGY INC.457,8372,879,335Company Details
11SURGE ENERGY INC.456,7422,872,450Company Details
12TUNDRA OIL & GAS LIMITED340,7282,142,838Company Details
13CARDINAL ENERGY LTD.234,3691,473,949Company Details
14WOODLAND DEVELOPMENT CORP.228,8501,439,236Company Details
15ISH ENERGY LTD.217,5981,368,475Company Details
16ALDON OILS LTD.197,3911,241,392Company Details
17HARVARD RESOURCES INC.191,6971,205,585Company Details
18RIFE RESOURCES LTD.188,0831,182,855Company Details
19MIDALE PETROLEUMS LTD.130,384819,983Company Details
20NOVUS ENERGY INC.125,848791,456Company Details


**Information is provided using a variety of public data sources. Every attempt is made to ensure accuracy of this data, but we cannot 100% verify all data points. Use at your own risk.